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Extended Reality (VR, AR, 3D)
development for architecture, engineering & construction 
project immersion


FULCRUMXR brings your vision to life.

FulcrumXR is a leading company that specializes in creating captivating visuals and immersive experiences for architectural visualization. FulcrumXR offers a comprehensive range of services, including stunning photos and videos that bring architectural designs to life, real-time 3D walkthroughs that allow users to navigate and explore projects in a dynamic and interactive manner, and immersive virtual reality experiences that transport clients and stakeholders into virtual worlds, enabling them to fully experience and understand architectural spaces.


Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences

  • Highly realistic immersive scenes optimized for performance and cross platform compatibility with a broad spectrum of PC-based VR and Standalone VR devices.

  • Seamless integration to VR of preexisting Unreal Engine projects created for architectural visualization.

  • Real time interactivity with lights, doors, applicances and other objects in the seen.

  • Realtime customization of materials and lights from virtual and 2D menus.

  • Spatial audio for an additional level immersion in the scene.


Desktop Realtime 3D Walkthroughs

  • Immersive 3D environment with full freedom of movement to explore the project.

  • Realtime material and object changes in the scene.

  • Interactive objects including lights, faucets, doors and more.

  • Customizable exterior lighting.

  • Real-time executable file that can be shared with anyone.


Cloud Hosted 360° Panoramic Sets

  • High Resolution rendered 360° images.

  • Curated Viewpoints in a 3D environment movement around the scene.

  • Lightweight, web-native, cloud hosted deliverable that will load quickly on any device.

  • Password protected shareable hyperlink.

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